wooden winter gardens

Our offer includes a comprehensive delivery and assembly of winter garden in the form of wooden structure, in combination with window elements. Wood lacquered with paints of ADLER company according to technology. Glazing with sets of combined glass of thickness recommended by a client or architect. The roof in an aluminium and wooden system, glazing with a combined window pane to be 28.4 mm thick (hardened + safe).
Our offer includes:

  • stock-taking in a building site as well as doing technical specifications
  • project and visualisation
  • doing woodwork
  • making a drainage system (a gutter system)
  • doing treatment in an aluminium connection - wall, roof
  • delivery
  • assembly
  • warranty and after warranty service

Following our deliverers we offer a guarantee: ferrules of ROTO company - 5 years, paint coatings - 5 years (according to producer’s maintenance cards), aluminium and wooden woodwork - 5 years, glass tightness - 5 years.